Adik Bintang Stories

My Experience of Joining AFS Selection for Year Program 2013-2014

Hi everyone…. I’m going to share my experience in participating in AFS selection from step one until step three. Please read this if you are interested in participating in the selection next year… Insya Allah it is useful… hehe… And I’m sorry for writing such a long script since the s
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My Journey to MAN Insan Cendekia

I know about the school, MAN Insan Cendekia (Insan Cendekia Islamic High School) when I was at 7th Grade. At that time, my mom suggested me to choose MAN Insan Cendekia, where my sibling also went to the school. The reason was if I go to school there, I will not to worry about school
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Looking up to the Sky, Greeting to the Earth

Looking up to the Sky, Greeting to the Earth Meeting with children who have a high spirit to study in school is an amazing opportunity. Together with my two colleagues, we helped the selection interview of hoshiZora scholarship, a foundation which is founded by Indonesian students in
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Click for Your Ticket to Heaven

Click for Your Ticket to Heaven Jun 06, 2011 My dream is to be a Medical Doctor (MD), because I want to help everybody in needs. I know, for becoming a MD, I have to have high education. For me, it is something impossible to reach, because after graduating from High School, I can’t co
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An Ordinary Girl With Extraordinary Dream

Ifa, that vocation. He was born in Bantul, January 4, 1995. Ifa very Gamar reading. Especially books about health and human anatomy. One favorite is a book by Harun Yahya, a true Muslim scientist who is able mengilmiahkan Book of the Qur’an. “Do not be sad, actually God is
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I Want to be a Social Worker, Just Like My Parents

I Want to be a Social Worker, Just Like My Parents Is it a very noble dream? Almost all of children and teenagers, if they are asked about their dreams, they will answer to be a successful people, that refers to have a lot of money, live comfortably and always happy. But Anan, a 7th g
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Jundy “The Incredible” Makhshuddien

Greetings hoshiZora community, peace be upon you all Guess what! Today, we have special news for you from one of our beloved Adik Bintang, Jundy so let’s take a look what he have shared with us. Selected by hoshiZora in July 2010, Jundy is a one of the brightest student in his s
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The New Adik Bintangs in Bantul City for Academic Year 2010/ 2011

Hello to all, We are the new Adik Bintangs from Bantul Area 2010/ 2011. We have been selected from 297 applicants, and we are very grateful to be part of the hoshiZora Community. We promise to maintain our academic achievements and strive for our dreams! Thank you for supporting us!
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