Become Sahabat Bintang

Sahabat Bintang is hoshiZora’s term for our volunteers (“Sahabat” in bahasa Indonesia means “a close friend”).

How can I Contribute?

You can support us by:

A. The Educational Grant

This is a program for making irregular donations to support the special or emergency needs of underprivileged hoshiZora children. Any sponsor can give to the Educational Grant at any time, with no specific (min/max) amount set.

The main use for this grant is to help pay for school admission and registration fees, examination fees, educational facilities and emergency expenses. Many of the children in hoshiZora have been helped by this irregular donation, especially during the school admissions process. Many children are forced to drop out because of expensive registration fees and this grant can make the difference. Some of these donations are also used to provide educational books for a community childrens library nearby the Yogyakarta Headquarters.

Donations can be made directly to hoshiZora Foundation via our BRI, BNI, BCA, SMBC, & US Bank account. After making a donation, please contact us at: for confirmation.

B. Volunteer

Become a volunteer at any of our activity & events. Please fill out the Sahabat Bintang Registration Form  & send it back to: or you can fill it in directly online here:

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